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Very few turf-type grasses presently growing in America are native to our land. Buffalograss is perhaps the foremost common native turfgrass that has been custom-made to be full-grown as a field so solely in special circumstances. Most turfgrasses were delivered to this country so custom-made through selective breeding and cross-breeding to supply the United States with the grasses that we are most accustomed to nowadays.

My best friend at Lawn Care New Braunfels, There are a large number of grass varieties, brands, however, there are primarily solely a pair of grass kinds: Cool Season kind grasses and heat Season type grasses. every grass kind is suited primarily for one or the opposite seasons. there’s additionally a slender band that crosses the country referred to as the shift Zone where some grass varieties for either the Cool Season or heat Season is full-grown, however that does not mean all of them can grow during this slender zone.

Best Cool Season Grasses

On average, these climates have cold winters and look at hot summers. sometimes they even have regular intervals of rain throughout the summer months, however grasses can tolerate some extended periods of draught by going dormant. Typical cool season grass varieties include:


-Kentucky Bluegrass

-Rough Bluegrass

-Red Festuca elatior

-Annual rye grass

-Perennial rye grass


Typical Transition Zone Grasses

There is a “transition zone” between northern and southern turfgrass regions. during this transition zone, neither heat Season nor Cool Season kind grasses are uniformly productive.. Typical grass varieties appropriate for the Transition Zone include:

-Kentucky Bluegrass

-Tall fescue grass

-Perennial rye grass

-Thermal Blue



Growth Pattern heat Season Grass

Warm Season kind Grasses

In some ways in which, growing and maintaining a fine-looking field within the South is additional concerned than for northern owners. selecting a grass kind is trickier; several turf grass varieties do far better once started as plugs or sod than from seed, as is sometimes done with Cool Season turf-type grasses. smart soil is critically necessary for growing an occasional maintenance field in this region. Most all heat Season grass varieties can flip brown once cooler temperatures arrive. Some southern gardeners seed their existing lawns with rye grass every fall to take care of green color throughout the winter months. this is often referred to as winter overseeding.

Maintaining ideal growing conditions for your specific grass kind is crucial, otherwise unwanted grass varieties can begin shooting up and can be very tough to get rid of. for instance, St. Saint Augustine grass being invaded by Bermudas and the other way around.


Typical heat Season grass varieties include:


-Carpet grass

-Buffalo grass

-Bermuda grass



-St. Augustinegrass

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