lawn equipment

Here are some tips regarding lawn equipments as par Liberty Lawn New Braunfels. Good quality tools are essential for guaranteeing a healthy field, and choosing the correct tool for the correct job can create creation and maintenance easy. similarly as common garden tools there are several specialty field tools that are designed to form field care simple.


This is the essential tool for any field. differing types are obtainable, with rotary or cylinder blades, and a few collect grass clippings as they’re going. Mowers are often gas-driven; a lot of environmentally friendly varieties run on batteries or are push-propelled.

String trimmer

Essential for cutting grass that the garden tool cannot reach, they’re wonderful to be used around walls, fences, and patios. they’re conjointly helpful for tight corners and extremely long grass. They cut the blades of grass with nylon string that rotates at high speed.

Edging shears

A showing neatness edged field is a gorgeous feature within the garden, and border shears make trimming simple. Push the soil far from the grass edge, and so use the shears like scissors—only the cutting blade ought to move, whereas the opposite blade remains static.

Turfing iron

This useful tool is employed to get rid of turf from existing lawns. when the sq. of turf has been cut, the turfing iron is employed to slice beneath it, cut the grass roots. it’s a sharpy} point for cutting and an angular handle to supply level items of turf.

Half moon cutter

Used for making sharp, crisp edges or neat cuts, the 0.5 moon cutter is meant to slice with efficiency through the turf with a flat blade that ensures a line. once cutting a footing, pull a line of string taut and follow it with the blade, chopping downward.


Good for a range of uses, a brush could be a common tool. employing a stiff broom is one among the foremost effective strategies of brushing top-dressing into the holes created by aeration (although brooms with softer heads ought to be used on finer lawns). Brooms also are helpful for sweeping exhausting surfaces, like patios and ways, when field renovations, and for keeping the garden neat.

Leveling rake

Sometimes referred to as landscape rakes, these giant rakes may be bought with either wood or chrome steel heads. once getting ready the bottom for laying turf or seed sowing, they’re used for the overall leveling of the soil, typically when it’s been turned over or rotavated. to induce a smoother end, the top of the rake is turned over and run over the surface of the soil.

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